Temporary capital


The 2nd capital


The 1st capital


Lithuania is the country that combines the beauty of its nature and the amazing architecture of its cities. Even if you have only a few days off, you will definitely be excited by the spirit of Lithuania.

The fragrant nature and breathtaking legacy of warriors intertwine with the magnificent architecture.

The history decided that Lithuania would have even four capitals. In addition to the current capital Vilnius, Kaunas was the capital of Lithuania as well. The first Lithuanian capital was Kernavė, while the second one was Trakai. These four capitals are unique in their own ways.

As you start this adventurous journey, you will discover not only the wonders of architecture, but also the mythical locations, unique nature creations and significant objects of Lithuanian history.

We recommend you to start your journey wandering in the streets of Vilnius Old City and visit the most thrilling churches, palaces or even cemeteries in the capital city. After waking up in the morning, take a stroll around Europe’s largest old city, enjoy a cup of coffee and watch how the nature and architecture blend to create the city’s special spirit.

Continue your journey to admire Kernavė mounds, Trakai town and surrounding mounds, and finish it by exploring the most attractive architectural monuments in Kaunas.

No, you won’t find a lot of glass buildings or skyscrapers here (though we have them as well!), or structures made of concrete but isn’t it dull and already seen elsewhere?

Instead, you will find a wealth of architectural and natural heritage with the views that will make you gasp, even without knowing the history or listening to long stories of a guide. Photos and footage will help you find out more and the descriptions will give you all the information you need.

There is probably no person who would not be fascinated by Vilnius and other three Lithuanian capitals.